What awaits you in Sierra Capital?

The opportunity to give your absolute best while working with an excellent team of colleagues and clients in high impact projects. 


While working in Sierra you will have the possibility to put into practice your analytical skills, communication skills, sales skills, knowledge and experiences while learning about multiple industries. 

The multidisciplinary nature of private equity and investment banking allows our team members to become familiar with all the functional areas of a company, not just the financial area. 

While at Sierra, you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Sierra’s partners, renowned businessmen and high-level executives in the leading companies of the region.


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We are focused on results, so we foster a culture of flexibility and offer specific programs that support work-life balance. Sierra's "Flexi" programs offer team members the flexibility to work from anywhere, and enjoy free days at special moments, such as getting to spend festivities and birthdays with their loved ones and achieve a balance between work and personal life.

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Being part of a small team allows team members to participate the in various stages of projects and to be an important driver of change for clients and within the company. 

How is entrepreneurship lived within Sierra?

We motivate our team members to find creative ways to solve business problems and bring their entrepreneurial mindset to our projects, team and clients. 

Everyone in the team has the possibility to propose and develop new initiatives with the potential to transform our company or develop a business unit. 

Over time, team members develop a unique knowledge, which will contribute to the objectives of the client, the portfolio companies and our work in the future. 

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Regardless of their plans, we want our employees to prosper within Sierra. We provide guidance and support in all the stages of planning for your future. 

The network made while in Sierra will continue to be future colleagues and mentors who will bring something new to your experience. These are not just contacts, they are possible future clients and managers or directors.

There are great opportunities for growth both within Sierra and outside. In Sierra you can reach the position of a senior partner or become an executive within a company in our portfolio. There are also opportunities to grow outside Sierra with the knowledge acquired during your time working at the company. For example, some of our former team members have started their own business, opted for a senior position in another company or have achieved significant social impact in nonprofits organizations. In Sierra we firmly believe that anything is possible.

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Growth opportunities within Sierra


Our training program goes from the basic preparation of consultants to specialized training in financial analysis and other functional areas. The training includes hands-on learning and the opportunity to develop new skills through participation in specific courses.


During the year our executives enjoy high interaction with colleagues and partners of the company in formal and informal environments offering objective guidance and professional development.

Sierra’s members are also encouraged to offer their knowledge, experience and help to those around them.


A team manages for all its members to be heard and for all their ideas and comments to be considered.

In addition to working together on the results expected by the client, all members learn about trust, responsibility, communication and leadership.

Join our team


The success of our investments and projects is due to the constant effort and the vision of our team; from an idea to the execution of the strategy that provides value to the companies and projects in which we participate.

We are constantly on the lookout for professionals with strong sense of leadership, high analytical skills, outstanding performance and the commitment to stand out and to be better every day.

For more information send your inquiries and your resumé to jobs@gruposierracapital.com.


Our program offers university students the opportunity to apply their in-class learning into practice through a real-world work experience.

This opportunity is of mutual benefit since the students offer an external perspective, new ideas and Sierra provides the opportunity to work together with an experienced team and market leader.

For more information send your inquiries and your resumé to jobs@gruposierracapital.com.