Private Equity

Our investment philosophy

Our priority is to invest in high-impact businesses that are well-positioned to grow in the region.
We partner up with exceptional entrepreneurs and business owners and invest in their businesses in order to help them reach their goals.
We are convinced that with our capital resources, our world-class team, and hard work we can scale the growth of our portfolio companies and have a positive impact on the businesses, our shareholders, and society.

We harness our strengths to maximize the potential of our portfolio companies

We provide a platform that provides strategic, financial, and operational resources to our portfolio companies.

Investment criteria


  1. Businesses in our region, mainly Central America and Mexico.
  2. Proven business models with potential for profitable and exponential growth.
  3. High percentage of recurring revenues.
  4. Attractive margins and profitability.
  5. Strategic positioning in the market with long-term growth potential
  6. Committed business people looking to have a positive impact on the growth of the organization.
  7. Openness to different investment structures, depending on the opportunity:
    ▶ Common or Preferred Stock
    ▶ Convertible Debt
    ▶ Mezzanine Debt