Mergers and Acquisitions

Among the services offered within M&A Advisory are:

We guide our clients during the process of business acquisitions or asset purchases.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Identify and approach target companies
  • Estimate enterprise value and potential synergies
  • Support in the negotiation process
  • Lead multidisciplinary teams during the due diligence process and help optimize the transaction structure
  • Help secure necessary funds to finance the transaction


Company Sale
Coordinate Competitive Sell Side Processes

We help our clients obtain the highest possible valuation of their businesses, in the least amount of time, maintaining the strictest confidentiality measures and outsourcing part of the process to minimize business interruption.

Mergers and Alliances
Lead processes of mergers or of strategic alliances, striving to maximize the value for both parties and ensure a successful long-term alliance.

  • Prepare the financial valuation and analysis
  • Lead the due diligence process
  • Structure agreements seeking mutual benefit


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Opportunity Mapping

We develop an understanding of our clients, the competition, the key players in the industry, and of the regulatory environment of the markets in different markets.

What we do: 

  • Determine the attractiveness of an industry, sector, market, or region for a specific client
  • Evaluate growth opportunities through acquisitions or alliances
  • Identify target companies that match the client’s criteria
  • Approach the target companies on behalf of our client
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